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Kohler Military Fit Classes at the Old Course Hotel, St Andrews

Kohler Military Fit Classes

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Kohler Military Fit Classes at Kohler Waters Spa Fitness Centre
Challenge Yourself, Achieve More

In the heart of St Andrews at Kohler Waters Spa Fitness Centre, we are starting our new Kohler Military Fitness (KMF) classes. Designed and instructed by British Armed Forces instructors with other 22 years military experience, these classes are an excellent way to get fitter, stronger and faster using military training techniques to motivate and encourage you to achieve your full potential.


These classes are for all ages and fitness levels. According to the needs of the group or individual we have a coloured bib system in place to ensure we know what level to push you at. This also means that everyone can work out together whilst we introduce exercise variations and that everyone pairs up to the right group for team games and challenges.


All our classes are outdoors in all weather using the amazing natural environment of St Andrews to inspire you.


* You will also need to complete a one-time Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to your first class.


Additional details

  • Wednesdays – 2pm. Madras Rugby Pitch – Meet at the Fitness Centre.
  • Saturdays – 10am. West Sands Beach – Meet at the St Andrews Links Clubhouse car park.


Classes are £7.50 a session which is paid by debit card at the location of the class. Contact the Fitness Centre to sign up to our waiting list.

Kohler Military Fit is open to non-members.