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Hams Hame cheese and bacon burger

Hams Hame


21 Golf Place, St Andrews


12pm - 11pm


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+44 (0) 1334 474371

Hams Hame Pub & Grill

Hams Hame Pub & Grill is a fabulous venue offering outstanding Scottish cuisine that showcases the best ingredients in an informal setting, where you can also watch sport on TV.  Hams Hame is also the perfect place to stop and sample the heart-warming selection of teas, coffees and hot chocolate - perfect for a pre-match warmer or after a blast on West Sands Beach!

Group of men enjoying lunch and drinks in Hams Hame
Father and son reading Hams Hame menu
Dog in Hams Hame
Father and son reading Hams Hame menu Dog in Hams Hame

Taste of South-East Asia Week

27th September - 3rd October
A Different Dish Each Day

Experience the culinary delights of South-East Asia at Hams Hame Pub & Grill. We will serve a new freshly made dish every day for you to enjoy.

Taste Singapore

The most famous culinary export from the Lion City, Singapore Noodles were first made by Chinese immigrants coming to the Malay Peninsula in the late 19th century. Taste it for yourself on Monday 27th September.

Taste Hong Kong

Chow Mein is a daily staple of Hong Kong, the New Territories, and Guangdong, and is served in the Hutongs and streets of Kowloon 24 hours a day. Experience the flavours on Tuesday 28th September.

Taste Vietnam

Literally meaning bread in Vietnamese, this dish is a mix of Asian and French influences, left over from the colonial days, and can be found on just about every street in Saigon. Try it yourself on Wednesday 29th September.

Taste Indonesia

In Bahasa it means fried rice, Nasi Goreng is the national dish of Indonesia and is available everywhere in South East Asia. Enjoy the flavours on Thursday 30th September.

Taste Malaysia

A spicy coconut-based curry served with Beef, Rendang originates from the Malay Peninsula, however neighbouring countries have their own variations of this regional classic. Taste it for yourself on Friday 1st October.

Taste Thailand

Gaeng Massaman Gai originates from the south of Thailand and is famous for its mildly sweet flavor. Lending itself well to most meat accompaniments we will be serving it with chicken. Savour the flavours on Saturday 2nd October.

Taste China

Originating in the Szechuan province and famed for its spicy taste, Kung Pao is a world-known favourite of Chinese restaurants. Feel the spice on Sunday 3rd October.