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Making A Difference

A Positive Impact

Nestled in the historic seaside town of St Andrews, the Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa has been welcoming guests through its doors for over 50 years. Situated in a region abundant with natural beauty and rich cultural traditions, we are deeply committed to preserving our surroundings and making a positive impact both locally and worldwide.


From our carefully selected local suppliers and passionate employees to the finest ingredients sourced from our very own doorstep, we strive to ensure that every aspect of our operation reflects our dedication to sustainability.


Our impact summary details our efforts towards making a positive difference. Click below to download.

Impact Summary

A Sustainably Aligned Strategy

At the Old Course Hotel, we strive for the highest standards of sustainability and responsible tourism. Our environmental targets are guided by our parent company Kohler Co.’s, and use the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals as framework. We have selected three key UN SDGs that will steer our sustainability efforts through 2030:

  1. Clean Water and Sanitation. We aim to ensure maximum efficiency in our water usage across all resort operations.
  2. Affordable and Clean Energy. We plan to reassess our energy sources, introduce energy saving elements, transition to renewable energy wherever possible, and eliminate any energy waste.
  3. Responsible Consumption and Production. This will see us remove all single-use plastics, go completely paperless, use recycled materials where possible, and implement a zero-food waste system through a holistic management approach.


Environmental Impact


Situated along the East coast of Fife, St Andrews is a town of great natural beauty and rich history. It is with great pride that we demonstrate our unwavering commitment through a diverse range of initiatives. From sustainable practices to innovative conservation projects, we strive to strike the perfect balance between progress and preservation.

Green Tourism

We are delighted to have achieved gold status from Green Tourism, recognising our steadfast commitment to sustainable business practices. Our devoted team work hard to ensure we do our part in making the travel and tourism industry more sustainable; from energy efficiency and waste reduction to supporting local and preserving our natural landscapes.

Single Use Plastic

We have achieved a momentous milestone by successfully eliminating single-use plastic beverage bottles from our premises. This commendable achievement was accomplished an impressive 74 days ahead of target. We aim to completely eliminate single-use plastic by 2030.

Combined Heat & Power

Here at the Old Course Hotel, we are pioneering sustainable energy solutions with our new combined heat and power (CHP) system. The CHP unit harnesses natural gas to generate electricity and useful heat for our property, producing up to 100% of our electricity needs and 60% of our thermal needs at peak times. We anticipate this installation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 100 tonnes per year.

Electric Vehicles & Charging

We have embarked on a continous project to promote the use of electric vehicles by installing charging points throughout our premises. At present we have six charging points available for hotel guests to use and have started introducing electric vehicles within our fleet.

Water Usage

As part of our sustainability efforts, we make it a priority to minimise and reduce water usage across the resort. Since the installation of water-saving inititatives we have seen a significant reduction in our water consumption across the resort.


Our setting along the Fife coastline is home to a remarkable variety of wildlife, both within the hotel grounds and the surrounding area. We are undertaking several projects to support a wider variety of plant life and local fauna.



Social Impact


Giving back has always been at the heart of who we are. Beyond providing exceptional experiences, we are driven by a commitment to making a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most. We support local charities, volunteer our time and resources, and look for opportunities large and small to make a positive impact and build a brighter future for all.


For over 30 years, Children's Hospices Across Scotland have been offering full family support for babies, children and young people with life shortening conditions. It is our honour to support CHAS through a variety of fundraising and volunteering initiatives.

Fife Women's Aid

Fife Women's Aid is an organisation dedicated to empowering women and children affected by domestic abuse. In 2023 we donated educational books, set up lockers to collect clothing donations, and held a fundraising raffle in order to support those on the road to recovery.

St Andrews Men's Shed

St Andrews Men's Shed provides a welcoming space for men to connect, share stories, and support each other's well-being. We are proud to partner with this impactful organisation. To support their efforts, we have funded the foundation of their new barn and dedicated funds to assist with a new roof for their space in 2024.

Hey Girls

In our ongoing commitment to our associates and the wider community, we have partnered with Hey Girls to address period poverty. Through this partnership our associates now have access to free period products in our washrooms. Additionally, every purchase is matched with a donation to Hey Girls' network of more than 350 community partners.

One Team

At the Old Course Hotel, our dedicated Green Team are the heart and soul of our environmental efforts. Comprised of passionate staff members from every department, this group of sustainability champions help guide our resort towards more eco-conscious practices that benefit both the planet and the local St Andrews community. Through their creative ideas and collective efforts, they have made significant reductions in waste and energy usage across the resort. The vision and determination of the Green Team embodies the essence of Scottish hospitality and plays a pivotal role in ensuring our commitment to sustainability remains at the heart of everything we do.

Recognising Excellence

Green Tourism

We are delighted to have achieved gold status from Green Tourism, recognising our steadfast commitment to sustainable business practices. Our devoted team work hard to ensure we do our part in making the travel and tourism industry more sustainable; from energy efficiency and waste reduction to supporting local and preserving our natural landscapes.

KEMS Tier 1

We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Kohler Environmental Management System (KEMS) Tier 1 certification. This rigorous programme was originally designed with Kohler Co.’s manufacturing facilities in mind. We are honoured to be among the first Kohler Co. businesses in the UK to attain KEMS Tier 1, and the certification reflects our team’s commitment to sustainability and responsible operations. 

Thistle Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce that the Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa has been awarded 'Tourism & Hospitality Employer of the Year' at the prestigious Central & East Scottish Thistle Awards 2023. The judges commended our wide range of initiatives to recruit, retain and develop our extraordinary team, including graduate apprenticeship and talent development programmes. This award reflects on our whole team, whose passion for delivering exceptional Scottish hospitality experiences shines through in everything they do.

Looking Ahead

We are mindful of the work that lies ahead for us as a business and strive to not only minimise our environmental impact but also to make positive social contributions. We believe that true luxury lies in preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings and uplifting the communities we serve.


We know each step we take, big or small, is forward momentum in a long-term sustainable journey where we can make a meaningful difference and leave a positive and enduring impact for generations to come.

Impact Summary