At The Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa, we provide gracious hospitality for all of our guests and rewarding experiences for all associates. We offer a culture that emphasizes continual learning and professional growth, and we realize passion and drive are critical to our success.

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The Old Course Ltd 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report

Statistics reported in 2019 suggested that the UK national mean average was 17.3%. We are proud to report that our Gender Pay Gap Results are much lower than this; 3.80% mean and we have achieved 0.82% median.

At The Old Course Hotel, we aim to attract and retain a diverse and gender balanced workforce and as a company we are committed to addressing gender representation and supporting women in the workplace. We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. We continue to take action to address any gaps and to make sure our policies and practices are fair.

2019 Gender Pay Report