Class Descriptions

Cardio and Strength Fitness

Body Blast: 45 minutes. A non impact all over body toning session, using our brand new bars and weight plates.

Box Fit: 45 minutes. An aerobic and muscle training program. This intense fat burning, high energy class is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Circuits: 45 minutes. If you want to tone all major muscle groups this is your class! Sweat and have fun! Be sure to bring water and a “whatever it takes” attitude. This class features both equipment and body weight exercises.

Hatha Yoga: 90 minutes. Yoga has been recommended as an adjunct to psychotherapy and standard medical treatments for a number of reasons. Its integration of the mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions of human life can be helpful to patients struggling with mental wellness or pain syndromes.

Indoor Group Cycling (Limited participants per class - please register in advance): An indoor cycling experience where riders will be taken through a mixture of terrains tackling hills, time trials, sprints and flats whilst working to the beat of the music

Kettlebells: 45 minutes. Experience the kettle bell work out; a fantastic all-round class for calorie burning, toning and strengthening. A Must Try! Spaces are limited so please book in advance.

LBT: 45 minutes. For the ultimate aerobic and toning work out that focuses on those target areas.

Pilates: 60 minutes. This class will help your balance, flexibility and core strength with a range of challenging and beneficial positions.

Power Hour: 60 minutes. Put your fate in the instructor’s hands. A 60 minute workout decided on the day. Prepare to work hard! Running Group: All you need are your trainers, please wear weather appropriate clothing. Distances up to 5 miles.

Stretch and Flex: 15 minutes. Stretch out the body from the tip of your toes right up to the arms and neck, a fantastic way to end your hard work.

Svaroopa Yoga: 90 minutes. This style of yoga focuses on opening and decompressing the spine using soft blankets as props instead of mats.

Tabata: 30 minutes. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Short intense exercise periods with less intense recovery. Aimed at improving your anaerobic capacity and cardiovascular exercise.


Booking classes: This may be done either by telephone (+44 01334 468067) or in person at the spa reception. Alternatively, you may reserve your place by emailing

Please note that all group fitness classes are subject to availability. No exercise classes available on a Sunday.

Fees: All group fitness classes are complimentary for all Spa Members. *Yoga & Zumba - £3.00 per person per class. Fees must be paid before entering class. Please book for class at least 12 hours before. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your class. Failure to do so will result in a charge for the class fee. (Limited participants per class - Please register in advance!)