Top Chefs Take on the "Gluten Free Challenge”

Chefs at the five red star Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa in St Andrews are saying goodbye to all things gluten in order to help raise awareness for Coeliac UK.

The Awareness Week runs from 14th – 20th May, and for the entire month of May, Head Chef Ross Marshall and Food and Beverage Director Simon Whitley will take part in the “Gluten Free Challenge” where they will spend a week buying, preparing, cooking and eating entirely gluten-free, whilst keeping a diary of their experiences on their resort blogs.

Both Simon and Ross took part in the challenge last year and are keen to share their experiences and hope that, by doing so, Coeliac UK will be able to better show what it is like to be diagnosed with coeliac disease and live on a gluten-free diet.

Simon Whitley explains: "Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten - there's no cure and no medication. The only treatment is a strict gluten–free diet for life." Ross adds: "As chefs, this challenge completely changes the way we look at and deal with ingredients. We have to cater for everyone across the resort, so a real life experience of what it means to be gluten-free is a great way for us to best understand our guests' needs."

Ross continues: “It is so important for us to understand what it is like to live with allergies, and we always have gluten free options available at the resort. The week will test our culinary skills and creativity as removing ingredients that you take for granted pushes you to think outside the box." Ross adds: "I hope to show my support not only by living a gluten-free lifestyle, but by creating gluten-free dishes that are delicious and nutritious for those guests who require them. Every single dish that we create is influenced by the local, fresh and seasonal produce as that is our inspiration at the resort."


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