Whisky Tastings

Whisky tasting sessions are an increasingly popular way for those new to whisky to better understand the complexity of malts ... as well as for those who are whisky lovers to delve deeper into discovering more about a diverse range of malts from across Scotland.

Now you can experience the ‘water of life’ in our newly refurbished Whisky Lounge. Alongside our Road Hole Bar, the Lounge is a relaxed and traditional space on the hotel's Fourth Floor.

Our Whisky Journeys are designed for everyone to enjoy. Stocking over 275 malts from across Scotland, we can design a Journey to suit budgets and tastes. All our tasting take the same basic form - a background on the Scottish spirit, a tour through the production process, and an in depth tasting of three pre-selected whiskies. After your tasting, sink into a sofa and select from any one of the 275 whiskies on offer.

Whisky Journeys cost from £25 per person:

  • Option 1 - Whisky aged 10 Years - £25 per person
  • Option 2 - Whisky aged 12-18 Years - £35 per person
  • Option 3 - Whisky aged 18-21 Years - £45 per person
  • Option 4 - Whisky aged 25 Years - £170 per person
  • Option 5 - Whisky aged 27-40 Years - £400 per person


A popular choice includes our ‘Tour of Scotland’ Whisky Journey which explores a whiskies from the three main regions of Scotland; Speyside, Highlands and Islands

The Lounge is also available for parties up to 12 for private hire.

For further information, or to plan your Whisky experience please contact Events on 01334 468181 or email events@oldcoursehotel.co.uk.