NEOM Treatments

Neom Pregnancy Treatment
Allow us to scoop you up and cocoon your body and mind with the utterly calming and specially created Neom Pregnancy Treatment, the most luxurious way to balance, restore and refresh. Masterminded by the Neom Wellbeing Board, our safe, supportive and incredibly effective pre-natal massage uses our hand-picked blend of 100% natural Neom essential oils, which deliver additional comfort and warmth during this special time.

This top to toe treatment begins with a pregnancy-specific 5 minute guided meditation and includes a wonderful back exfoliation where you will experience the exceptional mood enhancing results of the Neom Great Day Body Scrub, an award-winning exfoliator which blends wild mint and mandarin to help naturally lift your mood, as well as a ‘Mothers to-be’ massage and cranio scalp massage. Your therapist will also work on areas of the body which hold additional tension and weight, ensuring the deepest state of relaxation is achieved.

Extend your treatment to 80 minutes to receive a full body scrub and longer massage.
50 Minutes £60
80 Minutes £90

Neom Sleep Treatment
The treatment begins with a peaceful guided meditation, reflex foot massage and breathing techniques. Throughout, we drizzle the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle oil over the skin, and massage every inch of the body, including key stress relieving points on the head, face, neck and back. Prepare to be lost in a blissful state, ready for a deep night’s sleep.
50 Minutes £75
80 Minutes £90

Neom De-stress Treatment
The complex blend of 24 first pressed essential oils in our Real Luxury™ fragrance, including lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood, creates a de-stressing environment the moment you enter the room, with a peaceful guided meditation, reflex foot massage and breathing techniques throughout, we drizzle the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle oil over the skin, and provide specialist massage to key stress relieving points of head, face, neck and back. This treatment allows tension to drift away and for a calm new you to be uncovered.
50 Minutes £75
80 Minutes £90

Neom Energise Treatment
Using changes in temperature, speed-of-touch and different textures this treatment begins with the Neom Body Scrub with its potently invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin.
Your skin will be buffed head-to-toe, left feeling amazingly uplifted and ready to be enveloped in the Neom energising cream clay wrap. Whilst you’re wrapped you’ll experience a 20 minute face and scalp massage plus specialist reflex foot massage techniques. Your body’s immune system will be stimulated, the lymphatic system detoxified, leaving you feeling recharged and fully revived. This treatment allows you to unplug and then reboot. Your senses will be awakened and your body will be given a boost of natural energy.
50 Minutes £75
80 Minutes £90

Neom Happiness Treatment
Your skin will be lightly buffed head-to-toe using Neom Body Scrub, with its potently invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin. By applying purposeful techniques to decrease stress levels and release endorphins, leaving you feeling relaxed and happier. This purposeful combination of thoughtful touches will lift your spirits and leave you feeling like the best version of you.
50 Minutes £75
80 Minutes £90

Neom Happy Feet Pedicure
This luxurious 50 minute foot treatment ensures your feet are totally pampered and feeling brand new. The treatment begins with an invigorating foot cleanse and then your feet are soaked in the ultimate de-stressing real luxury bath and shower oil. A gentle exfoliation follows using our award winning great day scrub ... and then the tension simply eases away with a gentle massage, giving you a spring in your step - whatever the season.

Neom Express Treatment 
Lift your mood and boost positivity in just 35 minutes with Neom’s reviving and uplifting treatment. Beginning with Neom’s signature mood-enhancing opening ceremony, your back will then be lightly buffed with the award-winning Great Day™ scrub, with invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin. Followed by a tension-easing massage, using the very best techniques of trigger point work and deep tissue, allow the rich blend of skin repairing vitamins A and E, safflower and jojoba in Neom’s Daily Boost Oil to soften, smooth and uplift the mind and body. Continue your day with inspired positivity, a lifted spirit and mental balance.
35 Minutes £50

For your convenience, a 10% gratuity will be added to treatment fees at check-in. No additional gratuities are expected or necessary. At the discretion of our guests, gratuities may be adjusted at any time.